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my name is Nuremylia Nasha but you can call me emy.

Don't you ever dare to use the word"sayang"if you don't really mean it

If you are force to love your girlfriend then better don't, do it out of your own sincerity. Don't you ever dare to use the word "SAYANG" if you don't really mean it. Just be yourself don't try to act like someone you are not dude. She will love you more if you are just yourself, if you really love her then prove it. When I write this I don't mean that you don't love her but the way you act make the situation look like it. I know that you love her very much but sometimes you have to show it fizikaly not just by your sweet words, if you already have a girlfriend don't ever bring up your past which irritates her. Your girlfriend takes care of your feelings I really hope that you can respect her feelings toooooo